Teaser ‘Art Film Noir’ with Sophie Dunér

For Swedish multi-talented vocalist, composer and visual artist Sophie Dunér I had the honor of editing a teaser and a film of her art, to be featured during her live-concerts. See the Art Film Noir teaser here and have a look at Sophie Duné

Grand Jury Price Indy Shorts 2019

Mind My Mind wins the Grand Jury Price for Best Animated Short at Indy Shorts International Film Festival 2019 in Indianapolis!

Recently, Mind My Mind was selected at Palm Springs Film Festival & Palm Springs Shortfest 2019.

The film also won a Golden Deer for Best Short Film and a Golden Deer Audience Award at Festival van de kortste nacht Arnhem, and is selected for the Golden Calf Competition 2019 at the upcoming Nederlands Film Festival.

(Character animator)

Audience Award Stuttgart (ITFS) 2019

Mind My Mind wins the Audience Award at Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) 2019!

(Character animator)

Go Short 2019 Audience Award

Mind My Mind wins the Audience Award at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2019!

The film (directed by Floor Adams, produced by CinéTé) will also screen at Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film: ITFS 2019, and Tribeca Film Festival New York 2019.

(Character animator)


Mind My Mind wins Audience Award

Mind My Mind wins the Audience Award for Best Short Film at ANIMA Brussels 2019!

The film is also selected at Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (3-7 april 2019).

And there’s more news: Mind My Mind will have its International Premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival New York (April 24 – May 5)!

(Character animator)


Mind My Mind at ANIMA Brussels 2019

Mind My Mind will premiere at ANIMA Brussels Animation Film Festival 2019, coming March!

Take a look at the exciting Mind My Mind official trailer.

(Character animator)

Rika videoclip album dichter Piet Paaltjens

Op 27 oktober verschijnt het album Piet Paaltjens Recordings bij Excelsior Recordings, met daarop 12 Nederlandse artiesten die een lied schreven op een gedicht van de 19e eeuwse dichter Piet Paaltjens.

Zanger Meindert Talma schreef het lied Rika, muzikaal uitgevoerd samen met De Bleeke Jongelingen (alias leden van The Kik).

De Rika videoclip vertoont beelden uit Aan Rika, een film die ik regisseerde naar het gelijknamige gedicht van Piet Paaltjens (Dicht/Vorm Klassiekers, productie il Luster).

Het album bevat naast het lied van Meindert ook bijdragen van Freek de Jonge, Spinvis, Alex Roeka, Thijs Boontjes, Dave von Raven, Linde Schöne, Jerry Hormone, De Bleeke Jongelingen, Clean Pete, Aafke Romeijn en Jan Rot.

Mind My Mind

Finished work for Mind My Mind (director Floor Adams, producer CinéTé), a medium-length animated film currently in production.

It was a great pleasure drawing for the animatic, and to animate Chris and Gwen – and other characters.

Check out the site of this upcoming and special film!

Topor et moi in Annecy

International Animation Film Festival Annecy 2017 will be screening animated short Topor et moi (directed by Sylvia Kristel, 2004).

Actress Sylvia Kristel reminisces about the art scene in Paris during the start of her career with Roland Topor who taught her to paint.

(Lead animator, Storyboard)

Dog-e on Vimeo

Short film “Dog-e” (2014) from director Patrick Raats, a very cool project to work on, is online now to view on Vimeo!

A combination of various techniques: live-action, stopmotion, 2D animation and cgi fx.

I animated the 2D computergame-introsequence and the 2D characters onscreen of the mobile devices in the film.