Press & quotes

quotes and info on a few productions


Topor et moi (director Sylvia Kristel)

lead animator, storyboard

  • Best Short Film, Ashdod Film Festival 2005, Israël
  • Special Mention ‘Narrative Short’, Tribeca Film Festival 2006, NY


One Minute More / pianist Guy Livingston – animated films

director, scenarios

‘Juan de Graaf provides the most unforgettable moments with his animated films which pitch the caricature of Livingston against the piano in a series of hilarious scenarios.’ Ch Loh, Off The Edge magazine

‘(…) there were also small masterpieces, which include a cartoon: “Surface” by Netherlands director Juan de Graaf with the music of our compatriot Dmitri Kourliandski.’ Vladimir Rannev, Kommersant Newspaper (Review of One Minute More concert in St. Petersburg on ‘Surface’ – Peter Wassink animator, Juan de Graaf director)

(concerts of One Minute More with screenings of the films were performed at Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven – Library of Congress, Washington – Hermitage Theater, St. Petersburg)


Gravesend (director Steve McQueen)

animator, storyboard – Congo River sequence

‘(…) an animation in black and white of what seems like a birds-eye view of an expanding crack, river or topographical map. This section is the most lyrical because it flows with ease and speed.’ Pedro Velez,

‘(…) an animated river that comes as a welcome graphic surprise.’ Terry R. Myers, Time Out Chicago

(exhibitions of Gravesend at 52nd Biennale, Venice – De Pont, Tilburg – Guggenheim, Bilbao)


Man van Taal – Dicht/Vorm


‘(…) een dichtfilm die – briljant in zijn eenvoud – taal, tekening en interpretatie met elkaar verbindt. Hier is betekenis beeld geworden.’ Dana Linssen, NRC Handelsblad